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About the Foundation
The Oklahoma Hospitality Foundation (OHF) is a charitable organization benefiting the restaurant, lodging, and tourism industries in Oklahoma. As the philanthropic arm of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association, the Foundation enhances the industry’s service to the public through education, community engagement, and promotion of career opportunities.

The Oklahoma Hospitality Foundation (OHF) Purpose:
  • The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, and shall be operated exclusively for the purpose of increasing philanthropy in the state of Oklahoma.  The Corporation’s purpose shall consist of exercising all powers and performing all acts permitted a non-profit corporation under Oklahoma law to the extent the exercise of such powers and the performance of such acts are in furtherance of the Corporation’s exempt purpose as stated herein.

The specific objectives of the Corporation (OHF) shall be to:
  • Provide scholarships to students pursuing an education in the culinary, restaurant management, lodging, and hospitality industry;
  • Sponsor informational events and activities open to the public which focus on the hospitality industry;
  • Promote education in the hospitality industry;
  • Support research, development, and scholarships related to the culinary, restaurant management, lodging, and hospitality industry; and,
  • Generally, through education and other efforts, help communities through the development, promotion, and support of the hospitality industry.
  • Support a limited amount of benevolence to the poor, distressed, underprivileged, or to those suffering from a personal calamity such as a serious illness or death in the family.
The OHF is also:
  • A foundation that was created to present a positive connection between school, work, and future employment for young people pursuing careers in the restaurant, culinary, and hospitality fields;
  • A foundation that assists students with scholarships to pursue degrees in foodservice and hospitality. Scholarships are awarded to high school graduates, undergraduates, and students pursuing masters and doctorate degrees;
  • A foundation that developed student programs to cultivate a new source of talent for the hospitality industry through partnerships dedicated to emphasizing classroom learning, work-based learning, and mentoring programs leading to a recognized national certification; and
  • A foundation that provides educational certification, professional development, food safety, and sanitation training and certification, supervisory development workshops, and professional certification courses from the National Restaurant Association.
The OHF has:
  • Awarded over $600,000 in student scholarships through institutions like the OSU College of Business School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, OSU Institute of Technology, and the other culinary programs. 
  • Annually hosted the Oklahoma ProStart® Student Invitational, an annual culinary and management competition for high school students with scholarship awards and trophies; and 
  • Remained active in 30 schools and technology centers throughout Oklahoma, with over 800 students participating in hospitality-related classes.
Be a part of the OHF:
  • Annually recognize hospitality employees at the Hirst Hospitality Awards.
  • Be an intern worksite. 
  • Conduct a student tour of your business.
  • Conduct a classroom demonstration or presentation in a school.
  • Make a tax-deductible financial contribution to the OHF.
  • Include OHF events in your annual marketing plan and become a Partner. 
  • Become a stakeholder in the hospitality industry by investing in Oklahoma's youth and the future success of the industry in Oklahoma.
  • Make the OHF a part of your estate planning with the OHF Planned Giving Program.
What's Happening
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